Your Leo Diamond’s Journey

Your Leo Diamond’s journey from rough to brilliant.


It takes millions of years of dramatic heat and pressure for a diamond to form from carbon deep within the earth.


After these rare, rough diamonds are mined, they are sent to India, the center of the rough diamond trade. Our diamond buyers select only the best rough diamonds to become possible candidates for a Leo Diamond®.


The rough diamonds are then sent to our main offices in Tel Aviv for sorting where our master artisans then select only those with the best shape, colour and clarity to deliver the quality required of a Leo Diamond.


The selected rough diamonds are marked and sawn by laser to deliver the highest yield while achieving the maximum 4C’s grade. The next steps are bruting (grinding two sawn stones together to create the outer round shape) and polishing to strategically place the 66 facets for the Leo round diamond and between 61 and 66 facets for the Leo princess cut diamond according to exact specifications.


Each polished diamond is carefully inspected for cut and quality before being sent for GemEx® “Return of Light” certification. Should a diamond not deliver the required return of light, or brilliance, demanded of a Leo Diamond, it doesn’t get approved to become a Leo. Only after a Leo Diamond has been measured and certified for this superior brilliance is the diamond sent to IGI for 4C grading and certification.


Diamonds that meet the strict requirements of a Leo are then laser inscribed with a Leo ID number and are ready to be sold under the Leo Schachter name.