Choosing Your Leo

The Leo Diamond® is visibly brighter.

The Leo Diamond® is handcrafted in round and other fancy shapes. Whichever diamond shape you choose, your Leo Diamond will be visibly brighter than another diamond of comparable carat weight, colour and clarity because of The Leo’s unique cut.

A round cut brilliant Leo Diamond is a classic shape, and is still the most popular diamond shape in the world. The princess cut, as an example,  is a more contemporary square shape, and equally beautiful in its own right. The setting – or mounting – for a diamond also plays a role in how the diamond looks on a woman’s hand. A heavier, more elaborate setting, for instance, would not appear graceful on a smaller hand. Certain settings also enhance the beauty of particular diamond shapes better than others.

The Leo Diamond® is available in diamond sizes from 0.04/0.05 certified carat weight to three carats. No matter what the diamond size of your Leo Diamond, it will be equally beautiful because it is handcrafted to be visibly brighter than all other diamonds in its class.

Be prepared to fall in love at first sight.