Unsurpassed Brilliance

The first diamond ever independently

certified to be visibly brighter.

Of the characteristics of a diamond that contribute to its beauty, diamond brilliance is the most important. Brilliance is the life of the diamond. Brilliant diamonds explode with light, catching the eye, sparkling in candlelight, adding elegance and glamour to a woman’s whole being. Diamond brilliance is what elicits the admiring glances from those around you.

The Leo Diamond® is designed and handcrafted to be visibly brighter than other diamonds. Its secret? A unique, patented faceting arrangement – 66 strategically placed facets for the Leo round diamond and between 61 and 66 facets for the Leo princess cut diamond – that results in such superior fire, sparkle, and brilliance it will take your breath away.

When a diamond is cut to good proportions and its facets are placed symmetrically, light is refracted and reflected from one facet to another, and then dispersed through the top of the diamond. The precise placement of facets, not the number of facets, affects how much light a diamond returns to your eye. This is called “Return of Light”, or the amount of light that results in the true brilliance and beauty you see. Every Leo Diamond is measured and certified for superior “Return of Light”, and comes with diamond certification from GemEx® Systems, an independent gemological laboratory. GemEx® uses a tool called a BrillianceScope® to measure “Return of Light” from five different viewing angles. This is your assurance that your Leo Diamond is visibly brighter than other diamonds of comparable carat weight, colour, and clarity.

GemEx Viewer

A diamond engagement ring can be big, it can have extraordinary color, but if it isn’t cut for maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation, then you have a dull and lifeless stone. Keep this in mind: diamond brilliance equates to beauty, so it contributes heavily to diamond value.

Visit an authorized Leo Diamond jeweller and see for yourself how The Leo is visibly brighter. The work of four generations of artisans led to The Leo’s visibly brighter diamond cut.

Four generations of master diamond artisans led to the creation nearly a decade ago of The Leo Diamond®, the diamond so unique Leo Schachter gave it his own name.

Leo Schachter Diamonds was founded over half a century ago by Leo Schachter, whose passion for diamonds was inherited from his father and has been passed down to his children and grandchildren. Leo Schachter worked tirelessly to achieve his dream of a unique faceting design that would not only maximize a diamond’s brightness and beauty, but surpass all others of comparable quality. Decades of research contributed to The Leo Diamond® — a technological breakthrough developed by the company’s master artisans.

Leo Schachter’s many accomplishments in challenging the art of diamond cutting— and his decades of supplying fine diamonds to renowned jewelers worldwide — have earned him a coveted place in the Diamond Hall of Fame.