Company Milestones

Fifty years of diamond
innovations and accomplishments.

For half a century, Leo Schachter has challenged the art of diamond manufacturing, seeking innovative ways to capture and release maximum light within a diamond to optimize its brilliance and beauty.

Some highlights in the company’s history:

Leo Schachter opens a partnership, Beck & Schachter, in the 47th Street Diamond District of New York City.

Extraordinary growth trend begins with access to a large and consistent supply of the world’s finest diamond rough.

The Company moves its sales and distribution hub to Tel Aviv, Israel.

Leo Schachter wins its first Exporter of the Year Award, recognizing its undisputed position as one of Israel’s leading exporter of diamonds, a position it has held for 30 years.

The Botswana factory opens and grows to become one of the country’s largest diamond manufacturing facilities.

Leo Schachter launches its first branded diamond, The Leo Diamond®, in the US. The brand is now available in the world’s most important diamond centers.

The Company’s “Beneficiation” initiatives in Botswana increase job creation, skills transfer, and in-country operations that enhance the local economies of DeBeers’ most important mining country.

The Company opens a sales office in Hong Kong. Leo Schachter brings the world’s finest diamonds to the Pearl of the East, and then steps north to Mainland China.

Leo Schachter forms a jewellry manufacturing partnership in India, Kama Schachter, resulting in one of the largest resources of its kind in Asia.

Leo Schachter opens a trading hub to Mainland China and Southeast Asia in the Paris of the East, Shanghai, establishing a presence in the world’s fastest-growing consumer market.

Leo Schachter becomes a founding U.S. licensor of DeBeers’ branded diamond program.

Leo Schachter moves back to its N.Y. Diamond District roots, relocating to the new 34-story International Gem Tower.