Conflict Free Diamonds

Four generations committed to integrity.

Diamonds are the ultimate symbol of love. It is our job to make sure our diamonds reflect our values and integrity, and therefore public trust. We take this responsibility very seriously. By protecting you and our authorized jewellers, we can look forward to the next four generations of passion for innovation, creativity and continuous refinement of our craft.”
– Leo Schachter

For over 50 years, Leo Schachter Diamonds has built its business on integrity and trust. The cornerstone of its success is its assurance to retail partners and the diamond buying public that its diamonds are not only authentic and natural, but also sourced from legitimate, “conflict-free” mines around the world.

De Beers’ Diamond Trading Company — from which the company acquires rough diamonds — demands full compliance with global Diamond Best Practice Principles, the highest standards in the industry.

The Best Practice Principles require that any treatments applied to the finished diamond must be fully disclosed, and that synthetics are not traded as natural diamonds. Furthermore, their partners have established business practice standards to ensure that diamonds supplied by those committed to the Principles are “conflict free.”

Leo Schachter Diamonds’ commitment to integrity goes beyond assuring their diamonds are conflict-free. The company is also focused on improving life for its employees and their families in the communities where many of its diamonds are mined. Its charitable contributions to education, healthcare and assistance, and job training are on-going and are making a difference.

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