Four Generations

Four generations with a passion for crafting the world’s most beautiful diamonds.

The true story about Leo Schachter Diamonds is a story of love. Of people who love what they do. Of people who love each other. And of the people who will buy their diamonds as a symbol of the love they feel for the women in their lives.

By maintaining Leo Schachter Diamonds as a family business, Leo Schachter passed down his own love of diamond craftsmanship. He shared his passion for what the company does — striving to craft the most brilliant and magnificently cut diamonds in the world — with each generation and with every master artisan who works with the company. Everyone at Leo Schachter Diamonds feels a commitment to integrity in the quality of the diamonds and the way in which they are sold. And the company continues to give back to the communities where it conducts its business around the world.

It all began more than half a century ago when Leo Schachter went into the diamond business with a passion he inherited from his father, Max, who learned the art of diamond cutting nearly 100 years ago in Antwerp.

Leo’s passion for crafting rough diamonds into the world’s most brilliant symbols of love is one that he has passed down to the next two generations of family members. Together, they participate in the journey a Leo Diamond® takes to transforms it from a rough diamond into a fiery treasure.

When Leo Schachter’s five daughters married, each of their husbands sensed his excitement and love of the business. They wanted to share his passion, so they started from scratch learning how to sort rough diamonds, and then handcrafting and faceting them with great care to release the most brilliance possible.

“The first time I saw rough diamonds, I realized how magical the transformation is to a polished diamond. I remember handing the first diamond I polished by myself to Leo to check. He examined it meticulously from every angle, pronounced it beautiful…then gave me 12 corrections to make before selling it as a Leo Schachter diamond. That was passion!”   
– Son-in-law, David

The principles and ethics of the company that stands behind The Leo Diamond® have always been of paramount importance to Leo Schachter and members of his family.

I learned the art of selecting diamonds from my father’s hand. I felt his passion, and through his eyes, I saw a diamond’s beauty unfold. Ultimately, I was inspired to take those brilliant, handcrafted diamonds and celebrate their beauty forever in timeless designs.”   
– Daughter, Judy

Three of Leo Schachter’s grandsons are currently learning all aspects of the business as they prepare to lead the company in the future.

Each generation of the Leo Schachter family has taught the next to strive for greater excellence, to seek innovative ways to release the maximum beauty of every diamond, and to value what it represents as the ultimate symbol of love.