Take The Leo Challenge

Scientifically proven to be visibly brighter.

GemEx Systems®, an independent gemological laboratory, uses a tool called a BrillianceScope™ to measure Return of Light from different angles. It is both a scientific and objective method of evaluating a diamond. The BrillianceScope uses five lighting angles to measure the stone with precision and accuracy.

Every Leo Diamond is measured and certified for superior Return of Light, and comes with written certification . Leo Diamonds are proven in this way to be more brilliant and visibly brighter than other diamonds of comparable quality.

You be the judge of The Leo Diamond®’s
visibly brighter appearance!

To prove our point about the Leo Diamond’s superior diamond brilliance, we challenge you to see it for yourself. It’s fun and only takes a few minutes. Locate an authorized Leo Diamond® jeweler by entering your zip code, and ask to take the Leo Diamond Challenge. You’ll be invited to view two diamonds through a GemEx® viewer or the interactive tablet: one a Leo, the other a conventionally cut diamond of comparable carat weight, color and clarity. Then, choose the one that is visibly brighter. We bet you’ll choose The Leo Diamond!

To take the Leo Challenge and see the difference yourself,click to download the Leo Diamond App